Monthly Archives: May 2016

School stress. Work stress. Family stress. Whatever it may be we are all constantly surrounded by it. It creates such negative energy and nobody needs that in their lives. Currently I’m stressed about AP tests, finals, getting a job- all the typical teenage stresses. We could all use a little relaxing, so here are some of my favorite things to do to help me relax.

Lay in bed and breath. I like to just sit and do some breathing excersizes such as taking ten deep breaths. Something as simple as this and just thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for can lift your mood as well as taking away a ton of stress.

Get outside. If you have a favorite place outdoors go there. Go for a walk. Go on a run. Any of these will help you clear your mind and boost your endorphins which in turn reduces stress hormones! My favorite thing to do, especially as it gets warmer, is sitting out on my balcony during sunset with a cup of coffee- it’s amazing how peaceful it is.

Draw. Something really popular is coloring books (funny). I see them everywhere! Pick up one of these and a pack of colored pencils, sit at your desk, play some soft music, and just color. Or draw, whatever floats your boat. You focus more on what your drawing rather than that essay that’s due in three hours and although I don’t recommend procrastination, this method is very de-stressing.

Step away from the electronics. Extended computer use has been linked to severe stress and even depression, shown in a study done by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. No one wants this! Turn it off and put it away. This applies to your phone too! Nowadays people are so dependant upon their smartphones- they’re like a security blanket for us. Now yes I am guilty of this, BUT it’s so nice to just turn it off and put your energy into other things. Also, talking on the phone raises your blood pressure!

Treat Yo’ Self! Stress eating is bad, but when done in moderation it’s quite helpful. A chocolate bar or a scoop of icecream wont hurt.

Write it out. When you are stressed or sad or anything writing out your feelings and experiences helps so much. It’s like venting, but you won’t get crappy advice from the friend who could care less. Your notebook listens and it also helps you sort out and make sense of your feelings. Knowing where these feelings come from help you resolve them.

Surround yourself. Call up your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your mom or dad. Surrounding yourself with the people who love you and people you love takes your mind off of whatever was stressing you out. Be with people who make you laugh as laughter is the best medicine.

Create. Remember that DIY you wanted to try three months ago? Now’s the time my friend! As aforementioned, focusing on creating something can really take your mind off of whatever your feeling and once you are finished, you will be proud of whatever you made. Show it off! Share it with your friends! Get that recognition you deserve! you’ll feel accomplished and happy you made something super cool.

Save these methods and try at least one of them whenever your stressed or sad. I pinky promise one of these is bound to help you out. What do you do when you are stressed? Share it in a comment!

Thanks for reading ♡