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Ahhh yes the wonderful world of youtube. Spending five plus hours binge watching makeup tutorials and room tours- don’t worry you are not the only one. No need to be ashamed. If you have yet to binge watch to this extent, below are a few of my absolute favorite beauty gurus to get you started.

  1. Zoella– If you haven’t heard of Zoe, well let me be the first to say you have been living under a rock. A lovely lady from the UK producing videos from makeup tutorials to hauls to challenges. Highly highly recommend binging on her videos.
  2. Amanda Steele– At only 16 years old she’s already so successful on youtube as well as in the modeling world. She creates lookbooks, makeup tutorials, hauls, etc. All you need in one simple (yet effective) youtube channel.
  3. Carli Bybel– This woman is a true makeup goddess. She works wonders with makeup. She gives all types of makeup tutorials (mainly) and a few fashion/hair type videos as well.
  4. Danielle Mansutti– Dani is the most adorable thing ever. With her Australian charm and amazing makeup skills she is definitely my all time favorite lady on youtube. She posts all the typical beauty guru videos along with vlogs. She even has her own line of false lashes (which I highly recommend)!!!!
  5. Claudia Sulewski Based in Los Angeles you already know she’s good at what she does. One thing I love about her is how she is always so happy and energetic in her videos. She too posts all the typical beauty guru videos, but they are still worth the watch.
  6. Arden Rose– Something I love about Arden is how real her videos are. She isn’t the typical beauty guru- her videos are original and her sense of humor is one of the best. Definitely one of my favorite ladies too. (Plus her and her boyfriend Will are the cutest couple ever).

So there you have it. From these channels you can delve into the beauty realm of youtube and find so many more awesome guys and gals. Happy (binge) watching!

P.S.- feel free to check out my channel as well!